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BBC Governors To Be Scrapped!

(March 2005)

It's a hierarchy change more than anything...and a new name like BBC Trust is very in vogue because "Board of Governors" sounds a bit paternalistic....while Trust is a good that Tony Blair really wished he could put on his campaign poster.

I like the following points from the government's green paper. If you read between the lines, you'll notice it implies a much different future for BBC1...less populism in particular and more depth (which is nice, because BBC1 shouldn't really think of itself as a direct competitor to ITV1).

What does everyone think of this? What do the BBC insiders think of this?

Programme making

The BBC should not chase ratings for ratings' sake, and its output should not clash with its commercial rivals.

The number of independent productions should be increased as the corporation has exclusive access to licence fee funding.

There should be specific programming for the UK's different communities, and significant output made outside London.

The BBC is expected to take a leading role in the development of digital services in the UK, including the proposed analogue switch-off.

The BBC will also fund schemes to help fund schemes for vunerable consumers during this period.
Other regulators

Broadcast regulator Ofcom will be given increased powers to assess the performance of the BBC, including assessing the impact of any proposed new services.
Nick Harvey Founding member West Country (East) Points West
More here, Phileas.

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