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(April 2001)

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Mr Voiceover
I occasionaly read Ceefax letters pages, and quite often on Ceefax's TV comment page 'ChatterBox', there are people who live in the Netherlands who comment/critisise BBC 1 and 2's programmes - even though they DON'T pay the £100+ licence fee every year.

So, it is my understanding that they are getting 'Free telly' and make no payment whatsoever to the BBC directly or indirectly.

So these foreigners can keep their opinions to themselves until they are prepared to pay.

Please correct me IF I am wrong Smile

MR Voiceover; voicing his thoughts.
I lived in Belgium for five months were we got BBC One, Two, and World. They, of course, did not pay a licence fee but they did have to pay through it through their cable fee. I don't know, but it wouldn't be to out of the ordinary if the cable companies paid the BBC…
RtH Founding member
I live in The Netherlands, and yes, we receive BBC One (South East) , BBC Two and BBC World. We pay the cable provider for all channels we receive (we have 32 diffeernt channels). That's all about the channel system in The Netherlands.

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