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BBC Four - Kids Tv through the ages week

Transmitted w/c 29/5/2007! (June 2007)

Anyone see the 'When The Stranglers Met Roland Rat' & the 'Swap Shop' programmes?

Can someone explain why on the 'Swap Shop' prog, the Bucks Fizz clip where they mixed 2 of them in Jersey with the other 2 on a CSO in London, was a surviving 'Viewers copy' in crap quality, when on the 'Stranglers' prog, the same clip was in a more broadcastable copy?

Did the BBC researcher on the BBC4 stuff somehow find a better copy for the newer prog, since the 'Swap Shop' was originally transmitted at Xmas, or is there another reason?
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I don't know, perhaps showed how the viewers related with the show.

Anyway, a great show but also sad in the way it described the change and eventual end in music and kids TV.
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I'd guess the swap shop tribute alerted the archive researchers of Kids TV on Trial to try and dig it out - it's a really good clip and I imagine it's just been forgotten about rather than lost. Perhaps Unique's budget didn't stretch to trawling through the archives so they took the viewer's copy Laughing

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