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Looks like the missing ident is still coming....

Another new ident is coming

Is the next post dreaded?
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Why not use the budget on a new series of Time Shift? - I presume this is axed?

It would appear so, as the last new episodes were shown in 2017.

Based on the information on the programme website, it also looks like the last 2 episodes of Series 17 from 2017 were never broadcast.
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I spotted they've continued using the paint on speaker ident several times too lately. Although given how fairly generic and completely unreferencing to the web the batch of 'satisfying' idents were, it's not a huge surprise they've seen continued use well past the original Born Digital season.

With the way budgets are these days, I suspect this is the closest BBC Four will ever get to a rebrand now - by officially latching things onto a season of something instead (does it then count on a spreadsheet somewhere as general promotion rather than rebranding spend perhaps? Razz) and then just 'keeping' them afterwards.
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