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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West

This studio appears to have a glass window which looks out onto the foyer.

A glass window eh!? Laughing

As opposed to a window made out something opaque such as bricks & mortar, I suppose... Laughing

In fairness to Whataday, I suppose that an internal window between two rooms could potentially be made from a different transparent material such as perspex.

And a fair few TV programmes have (fake) "windows" comprised of video walls / back projection etc.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Knowing TV companies nowadays they'll put such a fake window infront of the real window with a view of that foyer on.

I'm thinking it'll probably be similar to Sky News, but much better executed, as in the backdrop of the studio is on the otherside, but you'll get great views into it at the opening and close of the programme, and occasionally they'll present with the foyer backdrop in view.
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There is always the option that the window won't be featured in-vision, and is there to allow visitors to see a working studio instead. It was common for studios to be built with windows for this purpose in the past - many of the TV Centre studios had viewing galleries.