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Slightly off-topic but I couldn't help noticing this...
Simon Mayo and Jo Whiley Radio 2 Drivetime show to end
The Radio 2 Drivetime show with Simon Mayo and Jo Whiley is to end after just a few months on air.

Mayo is leaving BBC Radio 2 altogether but will continue to present his 5 Live film show with Mark Kermode.

Whiley will remain on the station but move to the 7-9pm slot.

Ref: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45938829

Looks like Mayo has potentially been poached by a rival broadcasters as Mayo's twitter announcement mentions "other radio adventures beckon!". As others have commented as the BBC looks to cut costs it's easy pickings for commercial rivals who have higher budgets, and can offer higher salaries to tempt talent away from the BBC.
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He is writing books so maybe not a full time gig at another radio station.
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He is writing books so maybe not a full time gig at another radio station.

The rumour mill suggested not so long back that he could be on his way to Smooth. I'd be surprised if he didn't end up somewhere else, but I suspect commercial radio will be a bit more flexible with the time he wants to write books.

I'd suggest this one has been more prompted by the Beeb's decision to change drivetime into a hybrid show that never once looked like working - the decision not to keep Jo Whiley on the show when Simon leaves speaks volumes. That said, it probably is easier for a commercial station to persuade an obviously unhappy BBC jock to leave if you know their salary to start with.
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There were also rumours around the time Evans' departure was announced that another Radio 2 presenter was also in talks with Wireless Group.

I could see a talkRADIO show being a possibility for Mayo given his track-record on 5 Live. He strikes me as having too much to say for Smooth's somewhat restrictive format.
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He is writing books so maybe not a full time gig at another radio station.

Books and films of the books:

Juggling my writing and radio has become increasingly tricky (a nice problem to have). I’ve just signed a new 2 book deal with the nice folk at Transworld and they’ll be expecting something half decent before too long. On top of that my Itch books are about to be filmed for television in Australia and the work turning Mad Blood Stirring into a movie continues apace.
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If you want to see what BBC One would be rapidly like under Ashley, just watch Channel 5 and any of the local that's/Made TV stations.

Cue another Top 40 Shocking Celebrity show with Ashley Pearson talking about something that got a passing mention in the UK media like it was the headline incident it was in the USA.