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I expect the red button service could be at risk, and maybe even the text service.

The BBC first announced the red button service was at risk 3 years ago, so I think its days are numbered unfortunately.
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What huge presence? Besides News, Sport, Weather, most of the site is just links to the iPlayer these days. You hardly ever get proper programme related pages.

Indeed. I heard an announcer at the end of a programme last week tell viewers they could "catch up with the rest of the series on BBC Three or on the iPlayer." Both of which are exactly the same thing.
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For me, I think I would concentrate on having the BBC provide the things that other broadcasters struggle with, other stuff moved elsewhere.

I would hand Radio 1 and 1Xtra to the Channel 4 Corporation. This way they would become commercially funded, but still publicly owned, focussed and accountable. Perhaps BBC Three's PSB requirements could also be transferred to Channel 4's E4 in a similar move.

BBC Radio 5live to merge with BBC Local (and nations) Radio, under the control of BBC News. The new network would be all-speech during the week and mostly locally produced and edited with BBC News providing cuts and packages for national stories that would be used locally, as necessary. Nationally networked programmes from London/Salford amounting to 'appointment to listen' news 'bulletins of record' 3 or 4 times per day, overnight sustaining feeds and rolling coverage of national events/breaking news. Locally relevant sports coverage, national coverage moves to BBC Sport Radio.

BBC 5live Sports Extra to be renamed BBC Sport Radio and continue on DAB. BBC Radio 4Extra would close.

BBC Radio 3 remains untouched. BBC Radio 2 reviewed - It's popular and I wouldn't want to change it, but I am not sure it should be the BBCs responsibility to provide a mass-market music service to already well-served middle-age listeners. BBC Asian network should probably be spun-off into an external S4C type arrangement.

Radio 4 broadly untouched, but taking over responsibility for BBC World Service. WS becomes a relay of 4, albeit with a great number of opt-outs.

Presumption of closure for all BBC Radio MW and LW transmissions, except where exceptional circumstances exist (and review whether smaller FM/DAB relays could be used instead).

Avoid 'dual-illumination', where possible, both on TV and radio. Move to DAB(+)-only at earliest possible convenience, same for DVB-T2 and S2 with MPeg4/HD transmissions.

BBC News needs to be looked at, it's huge. I appreciate that the depth of reporting sets it apart from its rivals... but then its headcount sets it apart from its rivals. I am sure a balance could be found.

Though it would cost more, so not exactly a cut, I would probably change the whole purpose of the News Channel and run it on a regional basis more as I have described the BBC Local Radio/5live hybrid. The BBC has to retain big resources in the regions all day anyway despite producing less than an hour of content per day. Doing it this way would cost more, but deliver more value for money. It would probably be the first time since the NCs creation that the channel would be properly described as 'distinctive' and not just a SkyNews spoiler. You could probably even run the channel on a 'newswheel'/automated basis (ala NY1 or Euronews) at various times of the day to make it more economical. This channel would be the only outlet for regionalised content, making BBC One similar to BBC Two in distribution.

BBC Online would become less focused on being a publisher and more focussed on providing programme support for its broadcasting output. BBC News exempt from this.

BBC iPlayer to become just iPlayer and be a joint venture between all UK PSBs. Hopefully this would be commercially exploitable and there would be some return to the licence fee payer.

More controversially, with the BBC having full ownership of its share of UKTV I would create a 'UKTV One' type service. This could potentially take the more commercially friendly, mass audience programmes onto a commercially funded channel that would plough profits back into PSB output on the BBC proper.

If I could get away with UKTV One then I would effectively merge BBC One and BBC Two in the process - That most likely would never be allowed to happen, and so BBC One and Two would probably remain unscathed.

Finally, the need a huge management cull.
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BBC Online content to be reviewed, trimming back the huge vast BBC online presence, which is to costly to maintain on a whole

Just a few suggestions, I know many would not agree, but they are only ideas

What huge presence? Besides News, Sport, Weather, most of the site is just links to the iPlayer these days. You hardly ever get proper programme related pages.

These days, the majority of programme related pages have exactly the same format, with a list of credits, broadcast dates and times, links to other episodes, and a link to the programme on iplayer, so not requiring a lot of resource to maintain.

They could probably make savings by merging the programme pages with the iplayer pages, to avoid duplication.
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A better use of BBC national radio FM frequencies. As happening in Wales next week when a dozen or so Radio 3 frequencies are reallocated to BBC Radio Wales to provide near national coverage of the English language service on FM. (R3 continues to use DAB, online, Freeview etc in the affected areas).

An urgent review into the viability of BBC Radio London, a local radio station which because of commercial and BBC national radio competition hasn't found a niche. I'd propose switching 94.9 to 5 Live with opt-outs for breakfast, drive and weekend breakfast, alongside news, travel and weather.

A review of the viability of 1Xtra. This is an audience that is tech savvy and could be better served by other means such as podcasts, videos etc. Evening and weekend shows would go on Radio 1 instead to ensure linear delivery of urban music.

As for tv. Freeview should really be looking at delivering content in DVB-T2 for all channels and upgrading the English regions to HD delivery. It may not be viable to upgrade the regional news studios, but at least make HD default and provide BBC One HD with the relevant regional content instead of the current situation.

BBC Scotland's new tv channel should be scrapped with added Scottish content on BBC One Scotland, including a Scottish Six.

Scrap BBC Two variations for Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland is losing their national version next year for the BBC Scotland nonsense. The money saved could be used to invest in programming for the nations on BBC One.

Parliament to either go online only or take one of the slots on the local tv muxes.

Maintain BBC Three as a VOD service, along with linear versions of BBC Four, News, CBBC and CBeebies.
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They need to scrap initiatives like rebranding the iPlayer Radio as BBC Sounds, with new URL and app and hence presumably significant marketing costs to redirect people when chances are it'll be s aled back in the future and become /radio once again.

Also do we ever get stats on the proportion listening to radio through TV. It made sense to get the digital stations off the ground but now with DAB more widespread and internet delivery to plug the gaps maybe it is an unnecessary duplication- though of course they have invested in putting local radio on Freeview (not sure about Sky) over the last couple of years.
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Yeah, I don't really get the BBC's intention with mobile radio listening.
Moving radio from iPlayer to iPlayer Radio was an odd move... but it could be forgiven because the new app was actually quite nice.
I know nothing about BBC Sounds, but it seems unnecessary.

I don't know how much the freeview carriage is for BBC radio stations, but I don't have a problem with it per se. So long as it's not a big bandwidth hog and the audience is there.

With the advent of the smart speaker and mobile apps I would have thought that freeview radio listening would be dwindling already.
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I’ve never understood the need for a multitude of different language News websites and bulletins. That said, I know nothing of the funding arrangements either.

The merging of some of the radio services seems a foregone conclusion. I’ve never really got the need for BBC local radio (and know literally nobody who listens to it).
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I’ve never really got the need for BBC local radio (and know literally nobody who listens to it).

They come into their own during weather events and for travel news, but are largely useless for everything else. Otherwise it's a mix of news, views, some local chat or padding such as "What's your favourite biscuit" as Radio Leeds did once as a feature.
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