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Markymark5,129 posts since 13 Dec 2004
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Did anybody really watch Blue Peter when they were young?

Yes, never missed it, often best programme of the week !!!

(Born 1963)

I guess it passed its relevance with kids pretty quickly.

Dunno, I gave up with it around 1978, because I'd turned into a cynical teenager.

People often deride Thames's Magpie, for being a downmarket copy of Blue Peter.

Copy, well, possibly; downmarket, not really, look at this from 1972:-


Of course it contains the obligatory 'presenters running down a TV centre corridor' No live children's programme from that era would be complete without that !
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VMPhil8,200 posts since 31 Mar 2005
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From Tony Gardner on Twitter:


I know the BBC aren't going to stop making children's programming but I thought it would be interested to share this point of view from an ex-CITV star whose show ended when ITV cut its children's department.
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Orry Verducci1,548 posts since 1 Feb 2005
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I would say the difference there is when ITV1 stopped showing CITV in the afternoons, they cut back a lot, reducing the number of shows they made and ditching in vision continuity despite launching the CITV channel. The BBC on the other hand as we know still have in vision continuity and produce a lot of programming for the CBeebies and CBBC digital channels, and it doesn't appear there are any plans to cut back on that, certainly with the investments they've made into childrens programming in Salford.