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The Really Wild Show was a natural progression from Animal Magic. As said in previous posts on this thread the show does seem to have lost its way. Chris Packham and Terry Nutkins worked with animals off set so they really did know there stuff. I am really not sure about the modern presenters of the show.

IMHO the best era of the show was The Really Wild Roadshow - now that was innovative - and it was when MIchaela Strachan first joined the programme, whilst she was doing The HItman And Her!!!!! - Where did she find the time?????

Doesn't Michaela present a Natural History programme on FIVE for children, as well, nowadays??????
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Westy2 posted:
It said in the Mirror today, it was the longest running wildlife show.

Surely Animal Magic(Not that I remember watching that much!) was longer?

Yes, Animal Magic ran for a lot longer; it was around in the early 60's and still on-air in the mid 80's (when it got replaced by TRWS)
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Didn't Animal Magic run for about 35 years, or something as near to that as possible. Even at the end it was getting very decent viewing figures, compared to The Really Wild (Road)Show.

No-one can ever replace how animals were introduced to children like Jonny Morris did Very Happy
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As someone who grew up with Animal Magic, and watched the early RWS and RWRS - the latter were far more in touch with what I wanted to watch.

Even as a kid I hated Animal Magic - I just don't like anthropomorphising animals the way Johnny Morris did it, and it felt very out of date towards the end. I know other people loved it - it just didn't work for me.

RWS and RWRS seemed to have a lot more content and more information - the RWRS was great (I preferred the out and about style). I wasn't much of a Terry Nutkins fan - but Chris Packham, the original female presenter (her name escapes me at the moment) and then Michaela and Nick Baker (who is excellent) were all good. Simon King has also made some interesting series - though I find his presentation style a bit less relaxed.