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Bake Off gives C4 best ratings since 1985

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Yes, no doubt it cost more but presumably balanced against the loss of not having it they've judged it pays for itself. Indeed the baking ad market may even be stronger this year, and with fewer tentpole shows in the schedules they may even be able to charge a slight premium on advertising. C4 have announced this week too that following drastic cuts early in the pandemic the ad market has bounced back and they expect to add £150m to their programming budget next year.
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I think my point may have been lost. I totally agree that it cost a lot more, I understand the extra costs of accommodation and so on, and concede that this was a heck of a lot more expensive than a normal series. I just thought it was interesting to consider the other savings made elsewhere that you wouldn’t immediately think of.

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