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steddenm1,379 posts since 11 Oct 2004
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I think that this programme is absolutely brilliant, and a good way to use classic footage as a "hologram" image on the stage.

Also they are using the theme to "Bingo Night Live" - nice to hear that again too!
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davidhorman2,456 posts since 8 Mar 2005
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I only saw the first 5-10 minutes of the actual "act" but it looked pretty awful to me. A few gags bodged together, and the audience reaction didn't seem to fit - seemed like a victim of over-editing. Doubtless unavoidable when the act in question can't react to the audience.
bilky asko5,798 posts since 9 Sep 2006
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I only tuned in for the jokes and the back-story, The hologram looked poor to my eyes (especially when the hands stayed stationary for a long time), and it seemed weird to me when they applauded the hologram at the end. I think it's the uncanny valley that ruined it for me. I found it easier to watch Frankie Boyle telling jokes in Grand Theft Auto (not that I'm a fan of him), because he walked around and gesticulated properly, and it's just like watching a cartoon. This just seemed stilted and disconcerting.
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I thought there would have done something slimier to Monkhouse advert where there might have used his original script and added in bit n bobs etc.
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ITV can't do bloody anything without the 'human angle' sob story. I thought they'd learn't their lesson after The Colour of Money, but no...
noggin14,949 posts since 26 Jun 2001
Grr... Why is some 3D compositing and animation being called a "Hologram". There was nothing holographic about it...

I watched a bit of it - slightly creepy, and the body animation wasn't really that good was it? If I'm honest PS3 games can look better.
Critique3,228 posts since 9 Aug 2009
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The sections where he was sitting at the Piano and his hands remained completely still was what seemed a bit 'off' to me - the lack of movement and the fact that because it was a 'hologram' they could only shoot straight ahead, limiting the camera angles didn't help either.
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