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Two other sitcom examples - Steptoe and Son became Sandford and Son, Man About The House became Three's Company.

One of the most famous and groundbreaking was All in the Family, which was based on Till Death Do Us Part.
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Shows keeping the same title when they sell internationally is actually a fairly recent thing, largely due to the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire phenomenon, in which the format was so rigidly sold, right down to the set, music cues and graphics.
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Well we all know about that example. It all depends on whether the originally name makes sense locally. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Is a pretty good example of something that would work equally well in all English speaking countries. It's not that new a phenomenon there are some fairly obvious examples, The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, This is your Life etc. Likewise names have change of shows when they've gone oversees since Millionaire such as American Idol.
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Even though it's clearly a better name I think American Idol was actually more of a legal thing as part of the issue with Popstars at the time which prevented them using the Pop Idol brand.
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Plus the name American Idol works much better with the whole American Dream bombastic way they do things. They wouldn't call it British Idol here, it would sound over the top.

I think they would now, in the context that it was the British version of American Idol which is a lot more famous than Pop Idol, even in this country. "Brit Idol" sounds better though.
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Don't think this was mentioned by anyone else. NBC have cancelled 'Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris' after just one season.


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