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(June 2001)

I have just returned today from a week long holiday and had to declaire my absolute HATRED of anglia news.

Every bit of it is disgusting, the set is something from the 60s, the opening titles and music are the crappiest things i've ever seen.

The are no words strong enough for me to use to describe how much i despise Anglia News.
Square Eyes Founding member
You didn't like it then.
No Wink
Square Eyes Founding member
Never really caught Anglia News, do they still have that awful bright blue / yellow background, bit like the GMTV News background ?
teleonline Founding member
yeh, the blue and yellow is awful
Davidjb Founding member Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
i never touch anglia these days. i stick to Carlton for the fact that they are professional whereas anglia is definatly tacky and needs a desperate facelift.
Which version of Anglia News did you see, the East or West?
Isonstine Founding member London London
Yeah Anglia News does need a relaunch.

They are about the only news programme in the UK I can think of that has a traditional news theme (classical instruments, dramatic, 'Now listen here, this is the news' kind of feel to it)

The only thing in praise I can say is that there is a seperate East & West version, something which is good but sometimes the stories are a little too tacky and are Victor Lewis Smith type 'Man short changed at Little Chef, we 'ave pictures'

Apart from the news and the presenters the studio's for the East & West are almost identical as are the titles etc.

Anyway, thats my rant over, thank god I don't live in the Anglia region and receive it as my primary region, although Anglia is a good place for me to watch those itv hearts idents (gives me a break from Carlton) and all the formups, something which the GMG seemed to have dropped from YTV, GTV & TTTV.

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