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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Well I also wanted to just lend my thanks to Asa for his determination with the forum over 20 years.

Some good, funny and maybe even slightly weird memories - considering the naivety/excitement/friendliness of the early internet - with which I still kind of associate TV Forum (probably skewed more towards the old Lounge topics if I'm honest).

I joined in November 2001, around the time the yellow BBC2 idents began and the ITV regions came to Sky. For some reason the BBC1 'Dancers' launch sticks in my head the most pres-wise, when I think of the older days. Midlands and Yorkshire threads notwithstanding of course.

I still access the forum even though - now I think of it - I don't actually really like tv presentation anymore and haven't posted for years. The old stuff is still lovely to watch though on the Youtube when I'm put in mind of it. Also easy to forget how treasured the few pres sites like TV Home were in the dial-up world of the early 00s.

There's still something about the mechanics of it all though that meant any big presentational change or rebrand, I still wanted to read what this community made of it all..
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Perhaps a new way of doing things could be 'The Masked Forum', where everyone's identities are kept secret and prizes are won for correct guesses.
Perhaps we should all wear black on the 31st March as a homage to the great thread of 2005 Wink
Asa's debut on Liquid News!
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That's how I still picture him! Very Happy
I’m really shocked by this. I’m a fairly new member here (though I’d been lurking for a while beforehand) and I’ve really enjoyed my time here. Thanks to Asa for his dedication, all the moderators and all the brilliant members that helped make the website so great.

And here’s the clip!

Also, what happened in Jarongate? I’d love to know.
A favourite moment
DialUpBorg posted:

MrTomServo posted:

On a separate, more personal note, as a moderator, I tend to be a lazy, surly, asshole of an American. I eat ten cheeseburgers a day and fart George W Bush bumper stickers. I ignore all the problems the forum has, and I never ban anyone that should be banned. I ignore blatant violations of the T&Cs when long-standing members are concerned. I am -- in fact -- a virgin. I'm biased, and I don't care. For all intents and purposes, I am incompetent. Since I was elected, I have done nothing but purposefully hasten the eventual downfall of this forum. I have a stick up my arse, but yet am not tough enough on the bad apples. And, perhaps most importantly, I am in the wrong time zone.

Welcome to the thankless job of forum moderation. Hopefully now you can at least appreciate why I ignore you.

Sorry to be off-topic but.. You eat 10 burgers a day. Bl**dy Hell! Shocked
Genuinely really sad to hear this news, I've been a member here since 2005 but I lurked for a while before that.

I was still in university when I joined and it's been an amazing ride, from being an almost daily visitor to see the latest goings on, to those exciting times when a new bit of presentation showed up, or a rebrand of an existing channel, or a big news event and a thread with rolling coverage of the rolling coverage...

I remember those early days as I tried to pick up Astra 1 from a small plastic 30cm dish sitting on my window sill pointing out the window... Just so I could watch MTV2 POP and compare the presentation on there with the first set of idents on TMF UK that borrowed them... Shocked

It's been an incredible ride and even though it's coming to an end (at least here on TV Forum), the memories will remain very fond.

Thanks to Asa, the mods (past and present) and my fellow members for their knowledge/contributions/critique who make TV Forum what it is! Very Happy
I was a long time lurker before finally giving in and becoming a member last year and all I have to say is a Big thank you to Asa and the mods and all fellow members for making this community so welcoming to be a part of

Bail Moderator
So.. where is this GMB thread I keep hearing about? I've never been in there.... hehehe
Wow, can't believe it. Thanks for everything Asa, and to the mods and every user (who's not banned).

Having been here since 2006, I can see a lot of people like me having to update their default home page for the first time in a decade or two. (wow!)
The definition of a great piece of web content is something part of my routine that I visit several times every day, TV Forum has been one of those (I dread to think how many visits since 2003 / 2004 (interestingly my first ever post is a comment in a thread realating to a fresh start for the forum in January 2003 due to a server crash although my join date states April 2004 however that works!)

I am glad you are simply archiving the existing content rather than doing a Digital Spy and selling the site to the highest bidder, I had some golden years over there too until that happened

Away from broadcasting I just read one of my earliest posts which listed my PC specifications from 2003, 800mhz power!

Asa definetely has a great future lined up, and I wish him all the very best whatever he is up to next Smile
DE88, Asa and itvblocks gave kudos

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