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And finally... Goodbye TV FORUM and thank you for everything over the years Cool !
Well this is the end I guess. Even though I was here only for a year I still enjoyed this forum like everybody else and I want to say that it's been a pleasure to been here. Goodbye TV Forum!
the eye
Goodbye and thank you everybody!
Probably my last post here.

Thanks to everyone here, especially those who have been really helpful Smile .

I really enjoyed reading this forum, I loved reading things from a British perpsective, as I've always been interested in UK TV, even if I'm Italian Smile


I wanted to put the short clip saying bye from Richard Baker on NYE 1982 with alcohol and streamers but it was too long Very Happy

If TVF were on television, this is exactly how I see it bowing out. Confident, professional and graceful to the end.

I wanted to put the short clip saying bye from Richard Baker on NYE 1982 with alcohol and streamers but it was too long Very Happy

I find that clip rather strange. I can’t think of another time when we saw newsreaders singing *on the actual news*
I know my name is well-known (for various reasons Rolling Eyes ) among some of the TV pres nerd circle, and I also know that despite that fact, you can count the number of my posts on here on one hand (usually because when I want to join in a discussion, I'm a bit late and what I wanted to say has already been said). However, the same can't be said of the number of times I've visited this site, if I posted once for every time I've visited this site, my posts would probably make up about a quarter of the total number of posts even up to "Termination Day" tomorrow!

I have *thoroughly* enjoyed reading countless number of threads and individual posts by an innumerable number of members on here over the 15 or so years I've been active in the UK TV pres community, even though I had a false start at first, irritating some members of this forum and others - like ATV Forums, TISWASOnline forums and a few others I'm sure I've forgotten.

I must also be thankful for TV Forum in helping me recover some of the bad reputation I had set out for myself at the start, around 2006. A few of my posts from my various YouTube channels over the years have been featured in the "TV Gold" thread, including some rare ITV Thames start-ups from their two strikes in late 1984, posted about 10 years ago (although the links to those on those posts don't work now due to the channel they were featured on being shot down by copyright). I must also be thankful for the forum in so doing for promoting my YouTube channel.

So, as my good relationship started with TV forum with some ITV Thames startups, serendipity has given me the opportunity to mark it with a ITV Thames closedown from 1985. Otherwise it would have been some pretty unremarkable BBC "TWO" stuff from 1988 today (what was originally supposed to be published) or some unremarkable ITV LWT stuff from 1999 tomorrow.

This also marks a first, for me, as this is the first of many uploads I have got from the wonderful, but terribly unreliable, Video 2000 format. I captured this just before Christmas and brought forward its publishing for today because of said serendipity (read the video description for an explanation), however after many V2000 cassettes through it, my newly refurbished (by me) Grundig 2x4 Super decided to break down again with yet *another* electronic fault (I really don't recommend V2000 machines for the average continuity uploader, these machines were unreliable enough in their time - which is one reason why the format died - so 40 years on they need a major investment of time and money to keep them running!) Rolling Eyes It's on my workbench still awaiting attention, though fortunately I have a few other V2000 machines to back me up in case that one breaks down again. I only have to get the other 7 V2000 machines (a mix of Philips and Grundig decks) working again! Oh why couldn't a reliable Japanese manufacturer like Sanyo have made those as well? Confused

Last post here and probably won't make the jump over to TV Live Forum so thank you and goodbye.
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Last post here, these idents are the best way I feel can express how I feel as TVF bows out. One last dance

this is my last post who’d thought it.

Thank you and goodbye

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I'm getting teared up as it seems like everyone has made their last post.

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