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For the first time since (AFAIK) January 1st 2000, BBC ONE is not scheduling an overnight broadcast from N24, due to Vote 2001: The Verdict . It isn't even being shifted to BBC TWO, like they did on 1/1/00. So no showing for Analogue viewers!

Does anyone know how often this happens?

Mark Grindon
Asa3,587 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
Unless I've read the lineup wrong, it would be a bit daft to show BBC News 24 on BBC Two as it'll just be showing what's on BBC One! They're having a joint broadcast (although if anything major happens I understand N24 will break-away).

Cheers, Asa
harshy6,245 posts since 24 Mar 2001
Why does News 24 have to show BBC1's election coverage, what twits.

They should have provided as with BBC World's programme as an alternative choice.

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william659 posts since 7 Jun 2001
Will news 24 still incorporate headlines somehow? I remember from the last election that the results astons which flash up as soon as a constituency is declared can be be paused and held in a queue, so might this be happen to allow news24 to super their headlines at regular intervals?

Or is it more likely that we'll get a general news headlines aston generated by BBC1 at points throughout the night?

And what are BBC Parliment showing, just the same as everything else?
BBC Choice
N24 will probably do what they do in such broadcasts as Hard Talk and Simpsons World - put the main picture in a smaller box, so the astons can still be read, and run the headlines on a scrolling ticker aston.

Mark Grindon
BBC Choice
Vote 2001: The Verdict is being broadcast similtaniously on:
BBC ONE, BBC News 24 AND BBC Parliament!

What's the point??

Mark Grindon
william659 posts since 7 Jun 2001
Actually what could be a lot more interesting is what happens tomorrow - breakfast will presumably come from TC7 as usual, then there is the regional election programme from 9-9.30 (first time this has been done?) and we got back to TC1 for another burst of Vote 2001 until 1 o'clock.

However the listings suggest that the 9.30-1pm programme from TC1 won't be simulcast on News24, who'll have rolling news.

And the BBC Parliament listings for tomorrow have
'Live coverage of events following the outcome of the General Election' until 18.00
Andrew13,885 posts since 27 Mar 2001
William posted:

And the BBC Parliament listings for tomorrow have
'Live coverage of events following the outcome of the General Election' until 18.00

If that is like what has been happening on BBC Parliament in the last couple of weeks, They will show a static screen until something happens, then they'll show the winning party leader shaking some hands, before a 'BBC MMI' caption comes up, and then back to static
NickyS1,570 posts since 1 Apr 2001
harshy posted:
OK, why does three BBC channels have to show the same thing, this sounds totally ludricus to me.

The amount of effort/staff needed to produce the BBC1 programme is huge ... it involves staff from all across the BBC ... why risk the speed and effectiveness of the BBC1 show by splitting effort across 3 outlets.
The audience levels for a different service just on News 24 or Parliament would be small.
BBC World (which does have an audience) have a small team providing a World view of events although using material from the main programme as well as other news.
Ian3 posts since 23 Nov 2004 new member
With the programme on BBC World also on BBC America it means that 5 out of 9 BBC TV channels are all carrying the UK election!!!