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Sky’s decision to walk away from tennis next summer, after several years covering everything from the salad days of Tim Henman to the rise of Andy Murray, has left a gap in the market which Amazon Prime Video promised on Wednesday to fill by chasing a younger audience brought up in the live-streaming generation.

While Wimbledon looks secure on the BBC for the foreseeable future, Prime begins its pursuit of a younger constituency at the Queen’s Club on Monday, when the Fever-Tree Championships get under way.

more details ……..

13-Jun-2018 @ 20:00

* Apologies but an acronym really is needed.

Presenters Catherine Whitaker and Ross Dyer announced
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Good old Gruniad. Article completely fails to mention that Queens will also be on during the afternoons live on the BBC. It reads like it's an Amazon Prime exclusive tournament..

Last sentence of the article...

The Fever-Tree Championships from Queen’s and the Nature Valley International from Eastbourne [both alongside the BBC] will be the first tournaments we’ll be broadcasting as part of our long-term deal with ATP Media.”
Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
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OK. Hands up, Fair spot.
But it's still shoddy journalism. Slavishly writing the article lifting chunks and editorial line straight from the Amazon Prime press release.

The fact that Queens and Eastbourne are on the BBC should have been mentioned within the first couple of paragraphs.
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DVB Cornwall9,418 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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These comments are noteworthy

Very poor start to Amazon's coverage of tennis. In no particular order:

- Sorely missing timeshift capability. After many years of DVR functionality, to have no way to record a match and watch-from-start at any point is poor, as is the lack of immediate availability of completed matches
- Streaming at 25fps (vs 50fps on iPlayer) gives a jerky picture which is passable to watch in the background, but can even be headache-inducing when watching a whole match like this on a big screen
- Good to have studio coverage and local pundits, but poor that Amazon are using the world feed commentary. Would expect A-list commentators for this event, like those used by Eurosport and Sky

Just live streaming the day is not good enough. Yes, you can skip back 10 seconds but we need a 'watch from start' option so we can watch it as a 'catch up' when we get home from work, even if the day is still live. Also, there had better be full day replays available immediately after play finishes.

With Amazon also having the exclusive UK rights to the US Open, these playback features are going to be essential for viewers, or do they think we really stay up all night to watch?

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