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Your mist out tru tv who never told anyone. Its block on a Friday was a full two hours. Shame only 2 people viewed it.
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Opening with a double bill of Rick and Morty might not have been the best launch. It already has a massively dedicated fandom, and most people who haven't seen it yet probably don't want to, given how long it's been available on Netflix. I think they could've launched with some more enticing shows, or at the very least, let the strand last longer than merely two hours.
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I think the fact that most, if not all the programmes are on All 4 already is a massive factor which may cause viewing figures to drop.
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Ok if I was running Adult Swim, I would have not had the announcer announce what's next. Instead, I would have the Adult Swim bumpers in between shows. I would also add in some British show to Adult Swim like IT Crowd or Inbetweeners and something like that. I would have extended Adult Swim to be on till 3 am since Adult Swim is kind of a Late Night brand and should not only be on Fridays, maybe on at the weekend since most teens and young adult are off college or work.
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So in my opinion, this should be a kind of block that should have in vision presenter.

Why? I must admit, I’ve never understood the fixation with in vision continuity that some seem to have on here. I think it’s an outdated way of introducing programmes, and I find it telling that most broadcasters around the world that once used it have now ditched it. Just what does it add?
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To be entirely honest, they could have launched this on Channel 4 itself. It's not like they have anything going on at the time of day anyway other than repeats, so why not go for a potentially bigger audience? I get that E4 is the comedy station but still.

Personally, I would run it on C4 between 11 and 2ish, maybe 3. Also, I would run it on Saturdays as well as Fridays. If you don't want it too close to the other programming, maybe run the first hour on E4 and then put the rest on both. It would definitely get more ratings in my view at least. There is also the problematic factor that most Adult Swim shows are already available on Netflix to begin with. Sure, not everyone owns a Netflix account, but most people who do and want to watch the sort of stuff Adult Swim puts out would already have seen it. Ultimately, even more so when you realise that they're available on All 4, it's a hard sell for an overnight strand.
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Ok if I was running Adult Swim, I would have not had the announcer announce what's next. Instead, I would have the Adult Swim bumpers in between shows.

Make your mind up - you wanted in-vision continuity earlier.

I think the Adult Swim branding is irrelevant- it's the content that matters and Rick and Morty is new to many people, and animated shows can always find a new audience through repeats. I've found myself watching Family Guy quite often lately having not taken much notice of it for two decades.

All4 is the real home of Adult Swim - lime with Walter Presents E4 and C4 airings of the content is all about promoting the full service. Do agree though a strand should run longer than 60-90 minutes a week.
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