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It didn't grab me that much at the start, maybe I just hadn't seen enough of the programmes to enjoy the spoofs but the later stuff was great - I was creased up at the Pingu sketch. Were the talking head backgrounds actually real or just made to look real, as it seemed to be all green screen?

The Fast Show however, superb. Looking forward to part 2 tonight.
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Some of Paul Whitehouse's and Harry Enfields later stuff does feel like two old blokes trying to recapture the glory days (and they were brilliant in the 90s), but this was just brilliant - funny throughout IMO. Loved the Fast Show special too, and a Goodness Gracious Me special tonight as well.
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The Fast Show isn't actually new. It's the online stuff they did for Fosters a few years ago that didn't quite take off the way Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters did.
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Personally I felt the 50 Years of BBC Two Comedy was spoilt a bit by the 'talking heads'. Whilst having some was perhaps inevitable a lot of the time the people weren't directly related to the programme/clip being featured, and therefore arguably unnecessary. I thoroughly enjoyed Harry & Paul's Story Of The 2's though.
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Yes, that's what put me off the Saturday show. You always seem to get 20 somethings recollecting stuff from the 1970s as if they watched it first hand.

I don't see a problem with that. I was born in 1991 and I like a lot of comedy from the 70s and 80s. If they're not being forced to recite something somebody else has written, what's the issue?
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Having watched all of these programmes, i can't help but wonder what one would put into a documentary like this about 2013/14 programmes. Has there really been anything that good and/or that popular in the last couple of years? The only recent programme that they put into the '50 years of Comedy' show was Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe for example.