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Richard Williams

ITN's 5 News Progammes will be axed as from Monday 24th September 2001.

The recent axe of 5 News at Breakfast put fears into 5 News production as channel begins to accept that ITN can't afford to make programmes anymore.

The channel has decided to axe all it's programmes as off 24th September it will opt out to hourly text based updates provided by newsline.com the company that provides channel5.co.uk with its news, this co-insides with an ITC / House of commons ruling that says Channel 5 Broadcasting does not have to provide full length bullitens but does have to provide some sort of news.

More deatails to come shortley....check produxion.com tomorrow for full details.
Steve Naylor

'ITN can't afford to make programmes any more'

How can this be the case? If this is true then it doesn't put ITN in a very good light for the forthcoming ITV contract decision.

I think this decision if confirmed would be a great shame for TV news.
This sounds like rubbish to me!

It is rubbish there has been no ITC House of commons ruling!

5 News will continue because they can't break the contract!
william664 posts since 7 Jun 2001
I'm amazed that the ITC will allow them just to have text based bulletins, surely there is a set amount of hours or something they have to provide?

Not exactly great news for ITN either...

Steve Naylor
It does sound slightly odd - and surely we would have heard more by now about this if it was true.... but, it's good to trust people on the forum (because if someone were to knowingly mislead us it would be a very sad individual). Anyway, we'll wait and see but some of the BBC bods around here might know...
Lester288 posts since 29 Apr 2001
A made up story - The Houses of Parliament are in recess until October and Channel 5's license stipulates that news is provided by ITN and if any changes were to be requested an application to the ITC first would be required, they would then accept or reject the changes, rather like 5NEWS wanting to go out just at 5:30 - the ITC declined their application.
Steve Naylor
Of course yes - it really can't be true, can it?
Steve Naylor
The more and more you look into the first comment the more and more it doesn't add up.

I can't see why someone would want to make this up though... very sad indeed.
Steve you are right I can't believe people don't have anything better to do than post lies on the forum, and bad ones at that.