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40 years since hijacking of Southern Televison

and 30 years since Max headroom in Chicago USA (November 2017)

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That's the incident I was thinking of.

I have heard about a similar taking over of an RBS/L link happening with one of TSWs transmitters after closedown. I think it was the same incident that was reported as being an engineer at the station watching something they shouldn't

I've heard about a Christmas Tape that went out after closedown, and also the Plympton relay station (which serves a large chunk of Plymouth) having its RBL feed from Caradon Hill replaced (after closedown) by a pirate transmission of a Christmas Tape. The former would/could have gone out on the entire SW tx network, but surely the IBA monitoring centre would have seen it, and cut the tx remotely ? The latter would have been a VHS machine, feeding a UHF 'burner' somewhere near the Plympton relay station so the RBL aerials picked up the signal. Never seen any definite news on whether that was the same incident, or whether it/they happened at all ?

There was a pirate TV channel in Birmingham, that used to occupy BBC 2's UHF frequency after closedown.
No BBC equipment was hi-jacked as such, they just used a VHS machine etc feeding a Tx on top of a tower block somewhere.
There's a small bit on this link, about the pirate radio station Thameside Radio, which managed to do a pirate TV broadcast on one occasion. Look near the bottom of the page, and elsewhere on the website, there's a copy of an article in the Daily Mail about it.

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