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It is noteworthy how there were fewer applicants for the south and south east region in 1991 compared with 1980, and two of them were also contesting the London weekday region. The bids they placed for the south and south east region were respectable but a bit on the low side which makes me wonder whether they were only placed because they knew that TVS was vulnerable as a result of its precarious financial situation, so in case they failed to win the London weekday region they could potentially pick up the lucrative south and south east region on the cheap.

The London weekday region in 1991 was almost the opposite of what it was in 1980. A major battleground with two heavyweight applicants whereas in 1980 the so called jewel in the crown of ITV regions had left Thames without any opponents until close to the application deadline when London Independent Broadcasting, who were competing against LWT, decided to also stand in against them.

Has anybody got more information about the Carlton application for the south and south east region, or Three East Television (3ETV) an opponent of Anglia that appeared to pass the quality threshold?