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This is becoming a hostile takeover attempt. I'm not liking any of this at all. In terms of the film studios, the merger with Disney still makes more sense, because Disney own Marvel and Fox still has the film rights to certain Marvel properties, such as the X-Men & Deadpool. There are no similar synergies between Universal and Fox.

As for TV, I think there may be more issues with Comcast owning Fox International Channels, than there are with Disney.

It all feels like two billionaires fighting over who's going to fill up their golden piggy bank first.
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New Conditions to be imposed

These undertakings are offered on improved terms and will include:

a commitment from Disney to operate and maintain a Sky News branded news service for 15 years rather than 10 years
a restriction on Disney from selling Sky News for 15 years without the consent of the Secretary of State
an extension of the funding commitment from 21st Century Fox from 10 years to 15 years
an increase in the total funds available to Sky News, to at least £100m per year, with operating costs protected in real terms
a formal commitment from Disney to preserve the editorial independence of Sky News

| see here …….. | GOV.UK/GOVERNMENT | 19-Jun-2018 @ 15:38 |
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BREAKING NEWS - Disney gets govt approval to take over 21Century FOX

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Hey, that would work. Comcast can also take Fox Sports, since Disney aren't allowed to have that. Disney would still get the 20th Century Fox studio, which was probably their primary target.

To be fair, it's the American regional Fox Sports channels that Disney is not allowed to take over, and the national Fox Sports operations are retained by the Murdochs anyway.