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First impression of those BBC opening titles - visually not terrible but not particularly striking either, and the music is completely forgettable and non-descript. The overall feel is of one of those little films they play during Eurovision. A re-edit of the promo would've been better than that, to be honest.

Nice studio, though.
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A re-edit of the promo would've been better than that, to be honest.

Spot on - maybe not even a re-edit, just use it and I think it would have been up there with best and most memorable ones. On first viewing the titles aren’t terrible but they aren’t a patch (no pun intended) on the promo.
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Seems like Telemundo is treating this as their Olympics. Their coverage is planned by Jim Bell who does the Olympics for NBC. Here are some stats.

500+ on-the-ground personnel to produce all 64 games from Russia

20+ commentary team of play-by-play voices, game analysts, soccer experts and correspondents

4 announce teams covering in-venue for the majority of the matches

150+ dedicated personnel at the International Broadcast Center

40+ dedicated personnel at Telemundo’s Red Square studio location

25+ dedicated personnel at Telemundo’s Gorky Park studio location

10+ dedicated personnel at Telemundo’s Zaryadye Park studio location

110 tons of equipment

78-vehicle fleet for transportation of personnel

37 cameras, including FIFA pool feed cameras and Telemundo exclusive cameras

7 studios and stages-- Red Square; the International Broadcast Center; Telemundo News and ARV; Zaryadye Park; Gorky Park (for Un Nuevo Dia); Fan Festival Moscow, and Luzhniki Stadium

20+ technical production and editing facilities--Miami Telemundo Center; Telemundo Hialeah; NBC Sports Group Stamford; 30 Rock in New York City; NBCU Technology Center Englewood Cliffs; Comcast Media Center Colorado; International Broadcast Center, Gorky Park and Zaryadye Park, all 12 FIFA World Cup venues across Russia

64 production engineers and an additional 25 dedicated Telemundo camera crews working throughout Russia

4K Ultra High Definition available for all 64 World Cup matches on demand via a 4K-capable set-top box and a 4K television

56 live matches on Telemundo

8 live matches on Universo

All 64 matches live on Telemundo Deportes En Vivo and NBC Sports apps (in Spanish)

All 64 encore presentations of each game every night on Universo

32 days starting June 14 through the Final July 15

11 cities covering about 75 percent of the U.S.

12 venues throughout Russia

4 time zones with 7 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern T

Also from what I’ve read Telemundo will be calling all the matches on site or in Russia. I’m not sure the figure but Fox will be using off site commentary back in the US.

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As you can probably imagine, BeIN Sports, being the rights holders across the MENA region, have quite a big presence in Russia:


A special version of their normally blue graphics too. That is Carrie Brown and thanks to Google Lens, the caption is indeed her name in Arabic.

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Very interesting article about what HBS are providing to broadcasters

There was an article a few months back that seemed to imply the 4K HDR feed was a separate production to the HD coverage- that isn't the case, but there is a mix of cameras in use:

Each of the 12 stadia are ringed by 37 cameras (up from 34 cameras in Brazil) including eight cameras capable of UHD/HDR and simultaneous 1080p/SDR output and another 11 with 1080p/HDR and 1080p/SDR dual output.

The use of progressive scanning as a baseline production format and HDR “will guarantee an improvement of image quality” all round regardless of the delivery format, says FIFA.

Around 75% of the live match cut is estimated to be in full UHD HDR with the remainder up-converted.
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Looking forward to seeing the ITV titles - I’m on a train at the moment!

Let’s be honest, itv have beaten the Beeb over the last number of tournaments. I think you’re going back to 2006 when they last had a dud.

Not a fan of the bbc titles and music this time - bland is the word!