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UTV Newsline
Looks like the score graphics during the game have stopped looping when flipping through the scorers for a team that has scored two or more goals - they're now freezing on the team's most recent scorer before sliding off the screen.

I was one of a not-insignificant number of people who were slightly disappointed that Belgium only scored five against Tunisia - though not only did I feel that they should have scored nine at least, I would have liked to have seen how the graphics would have handled having to flip through that many goals.

And I was one of a *definitely* insignificant number of people who were slightly disappointed that the ref blew for full-time immediately after Tunisia's second goal. I presume the graphics would have frozen on Khazri while continuing to flip through Lukaku (45+3'), Hazard (51') and Batshuayi - but I guess I won't know for sure until the next match with a similar scoreline (this was only the second in which both teams scored at least two goals).
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I recognise those bars.
They are automatically generated by Mobile View Point encoders (4G and web bonded streaming).
Nice bits of kit, and easy to spot the dodgy cable here!

You beat me to it- yep I saw that grab and thought “hang on, I recognise those bars!”

Mobile Viewpoint, LiveU, Dejero, Aviwest all have nice bits of kit / software each with advantages and disadvantages, all useful tools in the box, but not the ‘one size fits all’ solution some production teams seem to think they are!
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Belgium top players probably wont be playing against England so that might reduce the viewing figures for ITV a little - can't use the threat of the Likes of Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romalu Lukaku to build up the tension - especially if England win tomorrow and are already through and it's England top players missing as well. Unless England Draw or lose tomorrow I am not sure it will beat Tunisia v England in the ratings.

To be honest, it’s England at a World Cup against a top quality side, whether Hazard and De Bruyne do or don’t start (which I’m certain they will) won’t affect figures.
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Does the Hisense Official 4K TV ad pop up on the BBC’s coverage? It appears on both Fox and Telemundo’s here.

Yes it does, noticed it during England’s game against Tunisia.

I’m not sure if Rklosen is referring to the same thing.

Do you mean the Hisense logo underneath the lower third scorebar when it appears? (Just as it does on the HD feed.) If so then yes, if it’s something else then no.