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20 Years of Central News

(November 2001)

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rob Founding member
Ah, You wouldnt think there were so many..
Jonathan Ray is originally from the north east (Sunderland area, I believe). He joined Central News in early 2000 as a reporter. Later he became one of the three main Central News at Six anchors, the others being Marie Ashby and Llewela Bailey. In the middle of October 2001 he defected Central News in Nottingham to join Central News 'West', as a reporter.
A few other reporters have also defected to the 'West', probably to follow Dan Barton, editor.Shocked
I'm astonished that MDR appears to know more about Jonathan Ray than Jonathan Ray. He doesn't have a daughter. Three sons. Currently working in Birmingham for Central News West as a reporter. Begins bulletin presentation duties in Birmingham towards the end of November. Not the same Jonathan Ray as Classic FM/GWR presenter, but, confusingly, also presents for Trent FM, a GWR station, and used to work for BBC Radio Newcastle. Still has serious days. But whimsical moments obviously make a more lasting impression in the South West! Astonished to read all this gossip. Keep it up. Its an ego thing.
i hope they are doing a seperate version for west, east and south, although anythings better than nothing Smile

if i were making it, i would include:
# a brief history of Central (bit of background)
# obviously a brief history of the programme
# major moments :
handsworth riots
poll tax revolt
petrol crisis
the 1998 floods
bit about the sale of jaguar and rover
# its major presenters:
bob (obviously)
anne nankeville
jo (+ any others who were regulars on the main show)
sports presenters: bob hall and tony francis (or was he bbc?)
# presenters who went on to make it big
that bloke who went on to cnn (forgot his name)
theres more - but i cant think of their names
# weather presenters
charlie and emma
# a brief glance at how the show is put together - ie presenters getting ready, OB trucks sent out etc.
# funny moments
when the bob introduced peoples most embarresing moments after judy finnegans boobs fell out - and the tape didnt run,so he had to fill for 3 min
theres more - but id need to think about it
# finish with a short montage of titles from the 80's onwards, ending with bob and lewella plugging the show eg.'join us at six every night blah blah blah'
Hi Centralnews - when are you going to ditch the lame duck HTV West I wonder?
I doubt I know more about Jonathan Ray than Jonathan Ray, but I'm an avid Central News East fan. I particularly like Nottingham's biased East Midlands polital region reporting style.
There's no show quite like Central News East! Though the show was at its best when the new look came in last December, with Marie and Llew presenting. Shame the programme's editor, two anchors and some reporters deserted last month! But I will never stop watching the show.
I liked the coverage last week of Derby's Christmas lights switch on with Lisa. How magical! I know another city with Christmas lights soon to be turned on, guys...

Of course living here I do not see Central News West's bulletins, but they can not be as good as the East's- even with half its team there!
Poor Marie is still there with Sarah and Tiffers. I love it with three girls often on the sofa, especially Carrie Frais.Wink

I've said it before, but CN rules!
Why 20 years of Central News????. Can't you wait for its 21st Birthday.Confused
russnet Founding member
It should be 20 years of Central not 20 years of Central News but I suppose these days corporate branding is far more important than regional identidy. Not that I'm moaning!

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