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Just to update you – and inform anyone who missed my first message:
This New Year, Central News celebrates its 20th birthday, and we'd like your help.  We're putting together a special programme and a series of features looking back at the stories we've covered, and the famous faces that brought them to you.  To date, we've interviewed Chris Tarrant, and lined up Anne Diamond, Nick Owen and others, and tracked down some 'interesting' tapes.
We'd love to hear from anyone we've filmed over the years, who have special memories of taking part or have interesting stories about how their lives have turned out since.  
We'd also like opinions about their favourite presenters and about the most memorable moments of Central News – even if some of them are moments we'd rather not remember!
Also - do you have any rare or exceptional moments on tape?
Thanks to all those who've been in touch so far: either add to this forum or email me at [EMAIL=frazer.sheppard@carltontv.co.uk]frazer.sheppard@carltontv.co.uk[/EMAIL]
What has Chris Tarrant said?
What has Chris Tarrant said?
(Sorry I posted twice.)
James Martin
Important stories during that time... Handsworth riots for example. I also recall a major motorway disaster on the M6 in the early nineties... how CN covered stories which made the natoinal news... the changes from ATV - Central - Carlton, etc.
tvmercia3,605 posts since 16 Sep 2001
i reakon you should include a piece on your coverage of the 1998 G8 summit in birmingham. especially the ending of a late night bulletin where jo malin said 'good evening if you're watching mr president' (or something like that), i mean 1998 was a big year in birmingham, eurovision etc.

would also be nie to see inclusion of some of the theme tunes used (esp. the 90s guitar one)