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Aside from the public personalities the problem lies with certain BBC management which has been, if not lacking, then incompetent. There is plenty of evidence of this. The mess over self employed contracts saw the departure of people from this region who were then blamed for the issue. Some were more visible than others. There are a couple of people in management at the BBC that really need to be got rid of, and quickly.
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You are wrong, I do understand that Local Radio needs to reform, and I understand that both Steph and Johnny are the type of presenter they need to have more of. My point was that there's no point changing the format and style of say Radio Leeds with a show like Hirsty is doing, without actually telling anyone that she is there. I live & work in Radio Leeds area and I don't see any advertising for the shows/station. There's nothing in the local spot after Look North about the new shows/format.

If you aren't already a Radio Leeds listener because you think it's too old for you, how do you know that it now wants you?

Thanks for your input Mr Belfield.

I'm not Alex Belfield, nor have I ever met him. I have worked with people who worked with him at Radio Leeds. However I am someone who has worked in the radio industry for over 20 years and have presented on & programmed award winning radio stations in that time.

What you seem to be missing is that I'm agreeing with you, that both Hirsty & Johnny are very good presenters and should be the future template for BBC Local Radio, and when they do stuff right, it's the best around. The problem is that if the BBC don't tell anyone outside the radio industry & the land of radio geeks that their local radio stations are changing then there's no point.

Yes. The programming on BBC Local Radio could be the best radio show in the country but would still only attract pensioners unless it was actually promoted. Younger people are used to BBC local radio catering for the elder members of society and therefore actively choose to avoid it and will do so unless and until there is a large scale marketing campaign that catches the eye of younger people. The other thing that the BBC are overlooking in attracting a younger audience is getting the presenters social media pages on brand as this will be key in getting many potential listeners to view the presenters as people they will want to listen to (and in this respect Johnny achieves much better than Stephanie who seems to be obsessed with self promotion). There is a breakfast presenter on radio Leicester whose social media basically shows that she knows nothing about Leicester and who seems to spend as little time in the city (and wider county) as physically possible, which is going to put off many listeners and is simply an own goal when the BBC are the only major broadcaster broadcasting in the city.
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Alex's BBC Radio Leeds show was one of a kind. Don't forget Radio Leeds dispensed with Martin Kelner, another fantastic radio broadcaster TWICE. He's exposed a serious problem at that station and we need to accept that. And yes it comes under the region which controls the TV as well.
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There is part of me that wonders (with tongue in cheek) whether Stephanie Hirst is still on during the simplified schedule because she has a bloody good home studio should it be required.

Although these days all you need is a laptop, a decent mic and the software and you can broadcast from anywhere.
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Which is why we see all these photos of radio broadcasters' temporary home studios with their heads in boxes, with pillows stuffed around all the walls and duvets covering the windows.

Really? Iain Lee was doing his late night shows from his living room and Twitching it and there was none of that.