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But she said that she was not employed by her company who had been contracted by the BBC ...
So actually nothing to do with the BBC ...
The use of personal service companies was very common in all industries ....
And the BBC has been trying to follow every changing HMRC advice
Thus is the start if it all

But HMRC and its CEST tool which is not fit for purpose
See https://www.contractorcalculator.co.uk/bbc_chiefs_pin_problems_cest_547210_news.aspx
Just makes it even more confused

Here is the BBC on air review by PWC

And this is what the Public Accounts Committee investigation covered
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Christa's lost her appeal against her £420k tax bill...


But wasn't this down to The BBC insisting some of it's staff used management companies, so that The BBC themselves didn't have to worry about NI and tax?

That was certainly her defence which was accepted at the original tribunal.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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Levy boxing with Luke Campbell on Look Levy tonight - has to be the most camp ridiculous thing ever seen Very Happy
..."at the first sign of danger my pussy's hairs stand on end" Betty Slocombe 27/05/1975
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Levy boxing with Luke Campbell on Look Levy tonight - has to be the most camp ridiculous thing ever seen Very Happy

The programme these days seems to be about 5/10 minutes of news (enough for an opt out?) and the rest filler.
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Two errors with the Look North Weather in recent days

On Saturday they played out the NE&C Weather instead of ours. Amanda didn’t seem to notice so it passed without question.

Then at lunchtime today, Paul’s graphics were again the NE&C ones. As it was a live forecast Paul just ad-libbed over the top of them, as something completely different was being shown behind him.