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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I know this is a totally random and weird request but does anyone know if it is possible to get a signed postcard these days or similar from either Harry or Tanya?

My boss is leaving in a couple of months and is a huge fan of rugby the Super League show (he literally spends a lunch break every week watching it!) so we were hoping to surprise him with something a little ‘different’!

Why not drop them an email? You never know, if you ask nicely, they might record you a video message or something. Can’t hurt to ask.
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Strange to see Look Levy taking a report from Bacton-on-Sea tonight - somewhere close to Norwich and Yarmouth and firmly in Look East territory. They rarely even cover stories from the Northwesternmost parts of North Norfolk anymore, it’s certainly the furthest I’ve ever seen the programme cover.

30 Minutes to fill?

Maybe time for Letters to Levy? "Here's one from Mabel at the Bide-a-wee Care Home, Scarborough and she says...."