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Actually wasn’t the late the only one that was a full separate version initially?

Ah you might be right -

The arrangement of including a short opt for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during the 6.30pm programme, and operating a fully separate late bulletin, continued until 11 November 2002 – when a new service from Hull ensured the full 30 minutes of the main evening programme focussed on the news from those areas.
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
It seems we’re getting a new set for Look North - into a temporary studio in the newsroom for a few weeks.

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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Well that's come as a surprise! With the amount of time out of the studio hopefully it'll include some new cameras too and some new tech behind the scenes. Will also be interesting to see what they fit into that small studio space.

Edit: the late bulletin is being presented from the CSO studio normally used for the 90 second update:

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