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lhx1985143 posts since 23 Apr 2015
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Is it me or is the picture quality from the BBC Leeds studio just unacceptably bad? Very soft and smeary. The poor lighting of the studio doesn't help, but can't be the whole story.

I was wondering if there was a specific reason? Ancient cameras, an issue with some other piece of broadcasting equipment?
VT's inserted into Leeds' output seem fine but studio pictures just seem dire.
marshmallow275 posts since 4 Nov 2015
Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Whether (no pun intended) or not it was to simply to show off their new toys or not, but the weather on both lunchtime Look Norths this afternoon were both presented live, with Paul for Leeds and Lisa for Hull. Never seen them do that before for a lunchtime, wonder if its a permenant change or just simply down to new graphics.