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Meridian (North) South Today
I thought there was a second gallery? Or is the cupboard just treated as a DTL when the Marr news bulletin comes from there?

I think the DTL point is fed into the Breakfast/NWT gallery and down to London but I may have misunderstood what people have previously said.

If the NWT bulletins are driven from the Breakfast gallery then why would they not be the sustaining feed for BBC1? Surely it just creates additional work needing to bring London or TW (on those rare occasions) in as on outside source? They both have the ability to opt out - and that's been the case since before the Salford move hasn't it?

Needn't create any significant extra work, as far as Breakfast's output is concerned they cut up London, and leave it there, releasing the production crew to produce the NWT opt. I don't recall seeing a second gallery on that floor
when I've visited ? Unless the gallery for the Sports pres studio downstairs is used ?

It's not that unusual to produce two programmes from a single gallery, sports OBs do it very often on big events, though usually from a smaller second vision mixer panel, hanging off one of the MEs
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South East Today
I presume that the Breakfast gallery and studio having those breaks is seen as important. Otherwise I'm sure the penny pinchers at the BBC would have had them do the NWT opt from the same studio.

It is really anyway. The presenter is in the little pres studio down the corridor, but the NWT opts are controlled from the same gallery as Breakfast I think (I fact, there is only one gallery ?)

Two galleries. Small pres gallery for NWT breakfast and News Channel DTL's.

Main gallery for Breakfast and other NWT shows. Also responsible for putting London's Breakfast
Opts to transmitter (not directing/vision mixing them).
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Leeds doing Breakfast bulletins again this morning - it appears to be a permanent change, because the weather map was just for the Yorkshire region and Hull still did the bulletin for East Yorkshire.

I'm pleased - but what an odd day to restart them!
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Possibly because of Storm Doris? Not sure why you think it would be permanent.

Only on the basis that they seem to have prepared for it - which you're right, possibly isn't evidence it's a permanent move.

Well they've been forecasting disruption for a few days, so my guess is that they decided to split so there is more time for specific travel and weather.
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Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Was the weather presented live on both editions this morning? Last night on the live video on the Look North Facebook page, Paul mentioned that Owain and Abbie would be presenting the weather on the Breakfast shift, interesting if they've drafted in two presenters to cover each separate region, never heard of them doing that in the morning before - even when the weather has been particularly awful on days worse than today.