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radiolistener612 posts since 8 Aug 2010
There was literally no news at all on Look North tonight, no round up back in the studio, no round up of the weekend’s sport, nothing.

We did get the weather though.

Which one?

The last time I saw Levy Live on a Monday there was no sport then either.
Andrew13,355 posts since 27 Mar 2001
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Last night it was Calendar’s turn to have a special programme with no regular news but for altogether different reasons. The entire edition was dedicated to the 10 year anniversary of the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence, with Duncan live in York and Christine in the studio.
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James Vertigan3,175 posts since 2 Jun 2001
London London
I'm going to guess that one or both shows will be presenting from the top of Emley Moor tonight on the 50th anniversary of the mast collapse?

jamesw8342 posts since 16 Jun 2014
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Just that it was a bit of an error-strewn research fail: 1. Referred to it as the first footbridge across the Ouse for 138 years , forgetting the Millennium Bridge.
2. Suggested that foot access across the site was new, when it wasn't.

To be fair to the BBC, the press release mentioned point 1 as well, but it was just a general set of problems.
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