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That looks far better than I had in mind!

EDIT: Test card on the big TV says Studio 4, maybe the gallery they have controlling it? As there is an actual Studio 4 isnt there.

Yes, there is a Studio 4, but it's not being used for the election due to a previous booking - Skavlan for SVT.

Gallery 4 and PRC22 are controlling the facilities in Sky Central. Augmented reality Technocrane and wirecam, jib, Steadicam, etc...
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Yep, the atrium will be used again as a presentation area for ITV's election night coverage.

Does that mean unlike previous elections, they will all be based in the atrium, and Studio 1 would be mostly used for the VR interactive bits?

I think he means Studio 1 will be the main studio and the atrium will be used for social media bits and other guests. Much the same as 2015 and 2017.
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