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2019 General Christmas election.

12th December: NO drama just presentation. (October 2019)

mccanmat London London
I think it is a bit of both - isn't Strictly occupying the studio but has been the suggestion the plan was always to do the next election from broadcasting house

Other notes about coverage but as has become the norm BBC Parliament will show the BBC Scotland coverage tonight, and then rerun the BBC Wales and BBC NI coverage tomorrow.

Radio 4 has James Naughtie and Emma Barnett from 9.45pm, simulcast on 5 Live from midnight (not sure why not throughout). Presumably BBC Local Radio will take that as well, and I'd have thought World Service. Do Radio 1/2 add news bulletins on election night?

And interestingly LBC are streaming their coverage in HD video on the Global Player, hosted by Iain Dale and Shelagh Fogarty with Martin Stanford in an augmented reality studio.

Quite a few BBC local stations are doing their own coverage tonight
JKDerry UTV Newsline
Apologies if this is stating the obvious, so the decision to not use Elstree D is because it's occupied by Strictly or something, rather than general cost cutting?

Has anyone hinted that it's only temporary and they'd like to go back there - how long a lease do Studioworks have?

Strictly used George Lucas Stage 2, George Lucas Stage 1 is still available.

BBC own their own site at Elstree which includes Studio D and the Eastenders production site. BBC Studioworks have announced an extension to their partnership agreement with Elstree Studios which will continue until March 2024, meaning Stages 8 and 9, and George Lucas Stage 2 will continue to be marketed and used by BBC Studioworks.
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
The Elstree hub has a comedy Twitter account -

(Anybody remember the good old days of @n6gallery and @killingstation?)
Write that down in your copybook now.
bkman1990 UTV Newsline
If you are in Northern Ireland. These are the arrangements for these viewers.

Mark Carruthers will be on BBC One NI from 9:55pm to 6am. It will then simulcast Emily Matlis on BBC One NI from 6am to 1pm.

Huw Edwards will be on BBC Two NI tonight from 10pm to 6:30am.

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