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The set looks exactly the same. No licks of paint anywhere.

I feel the desk is the most out of place. It should've been printed white and the graphics from The Wright Stuff are still on the front.

Overall I felt Jeremy didn't particularly handle the Roxanne interview well. Not very probing at all and just asked how she felt. Even introducing Alastair Campbell who didn't comment on the situation and just spoke about his time on Celebrity Apprentice.
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Things of note.

The News Review has been doubled in time, clearly to allow JV to leave before 11am to prep for his Radio 2 show.
Storm's stool, which was soon removed when the show moved to ITN has also returned during the News Review.

Jeremy was the right person to interview Roxanne Pallet who looked vulnerable during the interview.

From the start, Vine had Wright's humour, with his own slant on the format. It'll carry on regardless, let's hope for C5's sake that'll he'll hang around.
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Matthew Wright is going to TalkRadio.

Most people I know have known that news for the past 3 months, down to the exact timeslot even!
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Matthew Wright is going to TalkRadio.

Is Virgin Radio really going to 'reduce BBC radio dominance' if it's still just a digital service? To be honest, I didn't even know there was a Virgin Radio anymore, not since the original version relaunched as Absolute Radio.

I suppose in some distant future, when analogue radio has been switched off, and all radio is digital, it could compete; but surely it needs a national FM or MW frequency to be a real presence at the moment?
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How much did The Wright Stuff react to breaking news? Vine is surely going to be caught out if a major story breaks in the last half hour of the show, or indeed if as they go on air a story is already developing.

I wouldn't be shocked if they go straight to 5 News if there was a breaking story.