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Just spotted this logo on a studio audience booking website.

Matthew Wright returns with a new-look The Wright Stuff in the New Year. This much-loved topical discussion programme will continue to capture the conversations Britain is having – as well as setting the agenda for the nation.

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Does ITN in Grays Inn Road have a big enough studio, or has a new studio been built for this show? I thought ITN had just two maain studios in the basement at just 3,000 Sq Ft each, one for ITV News/ITV London and another which I assume is used by 5 News, with Channel 4 News in their atrium studio as usual.
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From what I've seen from the bulletins today, the 5 News set seems to have remained unchanged but I think it's already been confirmed that the programme is also going to come from this studio. I would assume that the Wright Stuff will just use the news set but 'redressed' with a different desk, lighting and possibly extra elements. The news set is pretty compact, small and neutral so I would say it's easy to use it for another show too.

The studio isn't that big but it won't be much of a problem as I would've thought that the programme will continue to use a very small studio audience like Princess had in the latter years. The studio seating and desk for the phone operator role has probably been built in the section of the studio that's behind the cameras during the news so it won't be seen during the news itself. This is all guesswork though!

It isn't the first time that Channel 5 has had this type of set up. They used to have a similar arrangement when they were based at Sky Studios and they shared the news studio with Live From Studio Five and the short-lived OK-TV.
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