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Doesn't Gavin Grey still do shifts on World? His last shift on the news channel was in 2016 as I recall. I also believed he did work for an Australian Breakfast show from the London end, don't know if he still does that.

Not been on World in a while but still presents on Australian TV as a Royal Correspondent- Here's a clip from last week
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Whatever happened to......

A couple of BBC newsreaders who were big in the 1980's and then seemed to vanish overnight;

Frances Coverdale - always wondered what became of her. Obviously highly regarded as she was reading the main 9pm BBC bulletin way back in 1982 and I think I recall her doing BBC News Afternoon too. I think she did this for about 4 or 5 years.[/i]

Debbie Rix - who was best known in the early days of BBC Breakfast Time but if I recall also later did a brief stint on ITV's Game For A Laugh with Jeremy Beadle in the mid 80's. (Here from 2m54s)