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Westcountry Spotlight
Details as being reported by the Daily Mirror.


For me, he was the foremost political interviewer on television ever. Only NBC's Tim Russert ever came close. On radio, there had been Brian Redhead of Radio 4's Today Programme, who was also a passed master of the craft. They will always be the standard bearers, and if today's political interviewers can ever match 1/10th of what any of those 3 could do, they'll do well

One of my earliest inspirations to become a broadcaster. Rest in peace, and power, Brian Walden.

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STV Central BBC World News
Whoever was responsible for picking a rock track, grabbing nearly 40 seconds of it for a current affairs theme was a genius

Ditto the person who lifted a small chunk of The Awakening for News at Ten.

Not to mention whoever used the end of Donna Summer’s McArthur Park for Reporting Scotland.

We need a new thread....... 😜

Edit: that particular theme tune was synonymous with Mary Marquis and neck scarf. Classic RS.
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