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​An edition of CNN's WorldView from 1998 -- the day before the news channel's long-running lower-thirds and the distinctive yellow DOG were retired:

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Here is a small collection of regional news intros from between 2005 and 2008 from the TVE (the national public broadcaster of Spain).

The intros adopted a look derived from the national TeleDiario bulletins.

Here are the first nine-and-a-half minutes of L'informatiu , bulletin for the Generalitat Valenciana, in January 2007:

Here is a news summary from a TeleRioja bulletin of 2006:

Here's a news summary for the Madrid area, on the second day of the year 2008; the previous day, the national bulletin inaugurated a new look which would soon be adapted for the Madrilenian bulletin.

And here are the intro and outro for TeleCanarias in 2005. The look here is a bit different, but retains the key elements.

For the sake of comparison, here are the first few minutes of a national bulletin ( TeleDiario ) from the same era:
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