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Revised news intros from TVNZ in New Zealand:


Props to Oriini Kaipara for being the first woman to present the news with the traditional Maori "moko kaue" tattoo since last year. Very inspirational to young Maori people who want to embrace their roots, their culture and origins.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention is that although the tattoo is less noticable on camera, its black colour seems to be a little bit noticable. The Daily Mail happened to do a report about her moko and she apparently decided to get the tattoo done after a DNA test said that she is "100% Maori"

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In 1993, KIRO in Seattle ditched its traditional desk-based set and adopted a state-of-the-art open set that combined the station's radio and TV operations and had the assignment desk -- or "Command Center" as it was called -- at its heart. Instead of sitting at their desks, the anchors delivered the news standing up and walking around the set.

Here is how the new set and format were introduced to viewers just before the launch -- go to the 3:30 mark:

KIRO's bold experiment was a ratings failure, and the station adopted a more traditional format just six months later.

Here's a 2017 article about the failed format: https://mynorthwest.com/545326/remembering-seattles-news-out-of-the-box/

(Thanks to Samantha and sfomspphl at TVNewsTalk.net)
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Who stops watching a news show because of a difference in how the anchors move around set? Honestly, I don't get people.

It depends on how they 'used' the working set when it debuted. It was the early 90s when the concept was quite new. A live, active newsroom environment can be great for building excitement and a sense that the news never stops. It can also be a complete distraction for the viewer, who ultimately just wants to know what's going on in the world.

Although, I blame the awful black and white floor. Who signed off on kitchen tiles for a newsroom?!
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