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BBC World News
On New Year's Day, Portugal's RTP1 extended the orchestral version of the Telejornal theme to all their newscasts (which also had their graphics refreshed, based on the Telejornal 60th anniversary graphics):

Bom Dia Portugal (morning):

Jornal da Tarde (midday):

Telejornal (evening):
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BTW, their 1987 news intro is really something special (starts at the 2:08 mark):

Here's BFM Paris' local political program Capitale 2020 (featuring the channel's updated graphics):

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Ten News Sydney celebrates 30 years of Sandra Sully!

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And speaking of WBBM, here's the station's 2008 farewell to its historic studios -- the site of the Nixon-Kennedy debate and one of the first true newsroom sets, among other things:

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For those of you who tune into Bloomberg, seemingly due to the Coronavirus crisis, generic editions of Bloomberg Markets have been appearing all this week in the Asian trading hours instead of the programmes usually anchored from Beijing and Hong Kong. The regular programmes' anchors have been reporting (seemingly from home) on these bulletins via Skype, so one assumes Bloomberg is requesting its employees do not attend the offices in China. This has led to some unusual set-ups, notably at this hour we have a dual-anchored edition from Sydney and San Francisco.