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An interesting experiment from WGN, a Chicago station whose national version (WGN America) is distributed throughout the U.S. via cable and satellite:

ARTICLE: https://reelchicago.com/article/wgn-america-to-launch-prime-time-news-nation/


Nexstar Media Group, Inc. announced today that its wholly-owned cable network, WGN America, which reaches approximately 75 million U.S. TV households, will begin airing a live daily three-hour national newscast called News Nation this summer.

News Nation will air in prime-time, from 8 pm ET to 11 pm ET, and will draw on the local market, regional and national expertise of Nexstar’s 5,400 local journalists in 110 local newsrooms across the country. The program will deliver news reporting that is fact-based, impactful, educational and unbiased.



I just noticed that Mouseboy33 opened a dedicated thread about the project. He sums it up nicely:

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Surprised the areas aren’t going 24/7 like the US local stations do.

While the commercial networks have broken into programming when needed, the ABC news channel was live 24/7 during the worst periods. The ABC is also the designated emergency broadcaster, and people here will generally tune to the ABC when there is an emergency. However if large scale fires occurred in areas such as the Dandenongs or the Blue Mountains, which are basically outer suburban Melbourne & Sydney, then the commercial TV coverage would probably be nearly 24/7 as well. The current Victorian fires are mostly in remote areas well away from Melbourne - Mallacoota is a 6 hour drive from Melbourne.

Another aspect is that people will also use radio as their primary source of info in these situations - in a bushfire, electricity is usually the first utility to fail, so people are told to keep a battery radio handy as part of their emergency kit. People are also advised to tune to their 'local' ABC station during a danger period so they can get information for their specific area.

This is a series of warnings from the local Melbourne ABC radio station a couple of weeks back

Here is what they see on tv for the bush fire warning. I find it interesting that the alert doesnt seem to be "officially triggered" and is not automatically triggered like tornado EAS alerts are broadcast in CANADA and UNITED STATES from the national weather service. Or how the earthquake alerts are issued in JAPAN and MEXICO. In Australia it seems (I could be wrong) that that the radio station or tv station in Australia is responsible, and they play out the alert tone and the presenter reads the statement. Also noticed on the tv alert it was typed on Ch7 graphics and had Ch7 theme playing in the background, all that is valuable time that the people may need to relocated. Fires move very quickly and I know they are doing their best. I just found it interesting. Most people might not find an issue with this, but there are potential issues with timing/speed of alerts but also errors that might occur. Either in the issuance of the alert and possibly the wording of the alert (wrong road name, etc). I imagine this hasnt happened. But I just thought it was interesting that the broadcaster seemed to be wholly responsible for issuing the alert.

I found this video interest...though the presenter is annoying AF
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I don't remember when TVR (Romanian public television broadcaster) launched new intros for its news operations (Telejurnal) but it's… not really good? Basic CGI, and a theme which is not really impressive…

Here's the intro of the main newscast at 8 pm:

Here's a full 6 pm edition broadcast in Moldova:

And here's a regional edition for the area of Iaşi:

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