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Seems that there was some sort of problem with the presenter of the 2am bulletin on TRTWorld .

She was doing a voiceover over the various news footage when she stumbled over the footage of the Australian bush fires then said "Guys" then nothing for about 10 seconds then "Guys" again and then we could hear voices in the background .

It then went to a few trailers then the 230am programmes "Money Talks" and is now playing out a unscheduled programme "Off the Grid"

Yes, the anchor on was Efnan Han. No word on what happened exactly but she was back at 3am, albeit sitting down for the headlines, which is unusual on TRT.

Nobody on Twitter seems to have noticed, perhaps indicative of how many people are actually watching TRT World.
New Zealand isn't that far away!
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Aussie networks seem to be doing a superb job and their state structure of news a real asset in events like this.
Stay Local. Stay Safe. Stay Alive.
ABC Australia and JosiahStuart gave kudos
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JTBC, South Korea, 2020. After nearly seven years of presenting the weekday edition of JTBC Newsroom , Sohn Suk-hee, who is also the president of JTBC's news department, stepped down as presenter as of January 2, 2020. His replacement, political reporter Seo Bok-Hyun begins his tenure starting January 6th. Under Sohn' tenure, who is also considered one of the most influential media figures in the country, turned JTBC News from a non-factor to a respected news department and reconfigured the main evening news from JTBC News 9 to the current JTBC Newsroom
Here is the promo announcing the new changes

And here is Sohn's sendoff from Newsroom during its annual New Year's Debate

Sohn also received a sendoff from "Social Live", JTBC's online news program, which airs after the weekday editions of JTBC Newsroom

Also within JTBC, their daily "Political Conference" show had some changes as presenter Lee Sang-Bok and reporter Yang Won-bo would move on from the show and was given a sendoff as well.
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Aussie networks seem to be doing a superb job and their state structure of news a real asset in events like this.

Agreed. I've been watching ABC News via youtube (I have family in Australia) and they are doing a great job.
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GTV9 in Melbourne uses a live shot of the Melbourne skyline as its news backdrop. This is what it looks like today with fires burning in the area:

h/t BigVic@MediaSpy
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From Indonesia, this is the "Kompas Pagi" (en: Kompas Morning). The morning bulletin program from one of Indonesia's news channel, Kompas TV.

The headlines are focusing on the Indonesia's flood which occurred from New Year's Eve, and heavily impacting the capital and its surrounding area.

The SNT Three Anglia (East) Look East
Not sure if past CNNi presentation belongs here or in the CNN thread but I love this fairly long closer from the early noughties.

WW Update
You'd never guess it from my TV Forum username, but I've always loved the theme used by WorldWide Update, a CNN / CNN International simulcast that aired late at night in the U.S. and in the morning in the Europe. There is a minor sound problem in this particularly intro, but it's the only one I could find:

And themes don't get much more dramatic than the mid-1990s CNN Weekend theme:

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More wonderful themes and interesting graphics in this compilation of CNN Domestic, CNN International, and Headline News from c. 1992:

Sigh: "Live from the CNN Center in Atlanta!" Never hear that phrase anymore. They used to be so proud to say it.
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WW Update
A compilation of current news intros from Brazil:

WW Update
A 1975 WBBM newscast from Chicago anchored by Bill Kurtis. If you've seen the movie Anchorman, you may recognize Kurtis (his voice at least) as the narrator:

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