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NHK World has scrapped all its programmes and is simulcasting its domestic channel with live translation and voice-over updates every 15 minutes.

They are back showing feature programmes (though not those in the EPG) - but pushed back with a ticker underneath, and a QR code top right (presumably to take you to a web site with current information) along with a map tracking the Typhoon.

The QR code that’s on screen above the main strap is unreadable from my iPhone on the HD feed.

Works fine in the UK on my Sony set. What platform are you on? (Do you have any MotionFlow/TrueMotion/Natural Motion, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, Contrast Enhancement enabled on your TV - as that can hammer high frequency detail?)

I know some US 'HD' providers subsample 1920x1080 HD to 1440x1080, 1280x1080 or even 1080x1080 in some situations - and some cable providers heavily pre-process and compress too.
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From Germany, a special prime time news report on RTL devoted to the anti-Semitic attack in Halle:


These are news specials of ARD/Das Erste ( Brennpunkt ) and ZDF ( ZDF Spezial ) on the same day.

This Brennpunkt consist of two parts: The first one covers the attack in Halle. At 11:30 the MDR anchor hands over to his BR collegue in Munich. This second part deals with the turkish offensive into Syria.

ZDF Spezial
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Speaking of ZDF, they also aired a special midnight edition of Heute Journal on the day of the Halle attack:

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