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BBC World News
Yesterday, Maria Júlia "Maju" Coutinho (previously the weather presenter on Globo's Jornal Nacional ) made her debut as presenter of the network's national midday newscast, Jornal Hoje , which also saw some visual changes, with a refreshed set (now with a smaller desk and the presenter standing throughout the entire broadcast), graphics and music, as well as more changes to the format (due to the competition with the editions of Record TV's Balanço Geral across the country - especially the one in São Paulo, Brazil's largest media market - constantly beating them on the ratings, Globo has intensified crime coverage on JH over the past few months, and now the program has persistent lower-thirds throughout each story, not unlike its more tabloid competitors).

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Yesterday, TeleMadrid revived the old 1989 intro for the 30th anniversary of their newscast TeleNoticias . And used some VR for the set, at least during the first minute.

For this occasion, the first newsreader of the TeleNoticias , Hilario Pino, was present. He works for Cuatro nowadays.

And here is some 1989 footage from TeleNoticias , for the record.

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