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Belgium's first dedicated news channel launched earlier this month and its inaugural schedule is now in place. Here's LN24's launch:

The schedule is currently:
0630-1000 La Matinale LN24 (Pierre Fagnart)
1000-1200 Le Fil LN24 (newswheel, with live updates every 30 mins)
1200-1400 LN24 Midi (Catarina Letor)
1400-1700 replays of segments from La Matinale LN24 (newswheel, with live updates every 30 mins)
1700-1800 weekly news magazines
1800-2000 LN24 soir (Maxime Binet)
2000-2130 Le Grand Débat Mon-Thu / Chez Laurette et Louis Fri / documentary Sat / Super Sunday Sun
2130-0630 newswheel/replays
Weekends newswheel/replays (with live updates every 30 mins daytime)

Some background in this article in French too: https://www.moustique.be/24489/ln24-le-nouveau-media-qui-entend-bousculer-info - interesting how none of the formats will be altered for breaking news and they seem to have pulled off 2 relatively decent sets on a tight budget.
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By the way, CNNI aired some very impressive business promos back then. This one could still run today -- if you replaced all the electronic gadgets with more somewhat recent equipment: