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Granada North West Today
And now, a look at New York City, 1983 and a report from WABC-TV on street signs... Or the lack thereof in some places

One of television's classic bloopers comes from WABC of that era:


The exact same thing happened to legendary US broadcaster Tom Snyder… here he is talking about it years later on his CNBC show, and ripping into his boss from WABC.

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Central (East) East Midlands Today
As part of Māori Language Week, broadcasters in New Zealand have been increasing the amount of Maori used in their programmes. As part of this, The AM Show has introduced new openers, of which a significant proportion of the V/O is in Te Reo Māori.

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BBC World News
Big change on early morning Brazilian newscast Hora Um aired on Globo - the programme is now presented by Roberto Kovalick.

There were no major visual changes to Hora Um , though (the last major revision to the graphics was last year, when the lower-thirds changed to use Globo's custom typeface, Globotipo. And the previous presenter, Monalisa Perrone, quit Globo over her late-night schedule, and moved to CNN Brasil, the yet-to-be-launched Brazilian CNN franchise (where she'll co-present the network's main bulletin), where her new contract has a "no late nights" clause.

But today was a busy day for Brazilian TV news: just one year after Record TV renovated their news set, they've dismantled it, eliminated the working newsroom set (during the evening, it was very empty on-air) and built a completely new set, which made its debut moments ago, on their flagship newscast, Jornal da Record , which is also launching short bulletins throughout the day, as Jornal da Record 24 Horas , with ten-minute editions at 11:40 am, 4:45 pm and 5:45pm and a fifteen-minute edition at 0:30 am.
(Now I'm not sure if the plans for a completely new studio for their news operation where shelved at this point.)

Here's how the new JR looks like (and sounds like, with a completely new theme, retiring the one used, in its many versions, between the late 1990s and 2004 or so, and between 2006 and last Saturday):

And Band also launched a new newscast, Band Notícias , airing at 10pm (and basically acting as "filler", just so the next Band program airs just after the night's episode of Globo's flagship 9pm telenovela - that timeslot is a ratings powerhouse for Globo - ends). It comes from the same set as Café com Jornal , their national early morning newscast, and Bora SP , their local morning newscast for São Paulo (and the theme was composed by famous Brazilian conductor, João Carlos Martins):

The opening to the first-ever Jornal da Record 24 Horas bulletin, at 0:30am, with Sergio Aguiar (previously with the GloboNews channel):
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