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Russian newscast Vremya / Время on Perviy Kanal / Первый канал seemed to be on a temporary set tonight:

(The uploader precises in the video's description that there was no mention of today's Moscow protests in the headlines.)
This is the neeeewwwws!!
chinamug and WW Update gave kudos
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BBC World News
WNYW New York, U.S. After updating their set, the station started moving away from the Fox O&O standard graphics (not completely as some elements still remain)
Here is the 4:30-7am open, Good Day Wakeup. Previously the 4:30-6am block was called Good Day Early Call and the 6-7am block was "Wakeup"
The 7-10am show, Good Day New York
The former open

Detecting some influence from the current TEGNA look?

Seems like they're in the very early stages of designing a new look for the O&Os.